How to check balance of GPRS, 3G data, SMS, Talktime and ISD in Airtel?


If you are using Airtel in India, then you got to make use of these short codes or numbers to fully utilized the telecom service.

Here are some useful tips: 

  1. Check Main account Balance in AirtelDial *123# 
  2. Check Balance of Messages (SMS) in Airtel: Dial *123*1#
  3. Check Balance of ISD to Singapore/Malaysia in Airtel: Dial *123*2# 
  4. Check Balance of Local Airtel to Airtel call: Dial *123*3#
  5. Check Balance of Local/National SMS in Airtel: Dial *123*4# 
  6. Check Balance of ISD to Gulf in Airtel: Dial *123*5#
  7. Check STD Balance in Airtel: Dial *123*6# 
  8. Check Special Airtel to Airtel Balance: Dial *123*7#
  9. Check the 2G GPRS data balance/validity period in Airtel: Dial *123*10# 
  10. Check 3G GPRS data balance/validity period in Airtel: Dial *123*11#

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