[Open Letter to Mr Lei Jun] How To Fix Redmi Note 4G Memory Card Problem


Dear Mr, Lei Jun,

A lot of people who are using Redmi 4G Note has complained that they are not able to use the external expandable memory despite Xiaomi adding this slot in the phone. Some users have suggested rooting the device which is altogether a new and complex issue for most of us. Besides, rooting a phone is not desirable as it could rendered the warranty void in case anything happens.

I’m writing this blog post to openly ask Xiaomi if the company plans to fix this issue by making an option for choosing either the internal or external SD card in the MIUI 7 upgrade.

I’m sure, many Redmi Note 4G users would benefit from this.


Phone Users


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    I am having this issue and i feel cheated as the company said that the memory was expandable by 32GB via external card. But now, there is not option in the Settings. I hope Xiaomi fix this in the next upgrade.

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    It looks like he and his company is too busy 😉


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