Poor 4G signal on Redmi Note 4G? Here’s how to switch to 3G or 2G again? (#RedmiNote4G)


When I first changed my 2G SIM card to the 4G SIM provided by Airtel, i noticed that the signal bars which always used to full had come down to just 3 bars. This level hardly goes up even in placed where I used to get full signal. At one point of time I thought of calling up Airtel customer care to ask if there was another way I could reactivate my old 2G SIM which allows me to use 3G service as well. But, I tried to find out myself what could be the reason behind this and this is my finding and a solution.

It had something to do with 4G network itself provided by Airtel. Despite Airtel drawing out its 4G service across Bangalore city, the signal is not that great. That’s why signal bar most of the time stays at 3 on my Redmi Note 4G handset.

Now, How to fix this issue is beyond a user capability, but if you are satisfied with using 3G or maybe 2G then, there is a way to do it. Simple. It also saves your battery life! Unless, you need 4G which shows poor signal, avoid it as battery drains out faster when a phone signal is always fluctuating.

Okay, here we go.

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap on Mobile Networks
3. Tap Preferred Network Type
4. Now, you will get options to choose… Prefer 4G networks, Prefer 3G networks and 2G networks only (saves battery)

Now, when you select those options, you will notice that the signal bar changes accordingly.

Hope you like this tip. Do share your experience.

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