A Month with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G (#RedmiNote4G)


We got hold of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G through eBay India (mind it, it was available only with Flipkart) from someone who had volunteered to sit all afternoon in front of his PC to book it for us from Flipkart at a commission fee of Rs 500. So, in actual terms we were paying Rs 9999+Rs 500= Rs 10499! But we were eager to try out, so we don’t regret paying the extra commission. We’ll not go deep into the technical aspects, but this review if more from a layman’s perspective.

Here’s our final review of the smartphone after one month.

What we love:-

1. Good battery life. One full charge lasts for a whole day.

2. Good speaker.

3. Radio/FM without the need for inserting the headphone.

4. The MI User Interface.

5. Pre-installed and customized security and cleaner.

6. Photos looks decent under normal light. Selfie using front camera is extremely good.

7. The large storage space.

8. The crisps visual display which makes gaming experience truly amazing. One can play racing game like Asphalt 8.

9. Large display 5.5′ inch for those who use Twitter and Facebook a lot is good.

10. The mobile box package cover (almost indestructible See our test 🙂 )

We hate:

1. Video quality of 720p is good but the camera lags a lot under bright light (outside under sunlight).

2. Still photo shooting is also hampered by the lagging issue when taken under sunlight. You have to wait again to take the next shots.

3. The receiver was good within the first week. We got signal even while going underground or in an elevator where our Samsung Dous 2 phone goes blank. However, by the second week the signal went bad and by the third week the signal level comes at the same level with that of Samsung. We are not sure why this is happening, could it be because of the handset or the service provider – here Airtel.

4. After replacing the old Airtel 2G SIM, which was 3G enabled, with that of the new and free 4G SIM provided by Airtel, the signal level drops by 2 bars or 1 bar even in places where we used to get full signal. We wish we could revert back the process and use the same good old 2004 SIM card. It was much much better! Could it be a defect with Airtel SIM or Redmi Note 4G handset we cannot ascertain, but our estimates tell us that it has to do more with the SIM card.


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    The camera lagging issue has been fixed with the MIUI 6.3.5 ROM Update!

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    Its Nice Phone then best feature’s

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    Acceseries. ” Head phone,charger
    Ear phone buds,screen gaurd ,
    Bluetth,Mobile Panel,pouch
    etc not mentions airtel coustmer
    Care centre .

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      Can you be more specific?


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