How To Quickly Rechage K3 Lenovo Battery?


I received some tweets, in fact questions, in my Inbox after revealing two days back that I had just purchased Lenovo K3 Note.

Most questions were related to whether the battery is really removable, whether the battery is really 3000 mAH and whether there was a way to quickly charge the battery besides others.

Now, the answers to the questions in order:-

1. Yes, battery is removable
2. No, battery advertised was 3000 mAH, but the handset comes with 2900 mAH power.
3. So, far I have not found a way to quickly recharge the battery. On my handset, full recharge takes 2 hours! I’m sure why a company like Lenovo is doing this…. Maybe it fears that the handset may burst? as it gets moderately heated while using 3G and 4G services. Let’s wait and see if the company responds to their clients.

Another thing i found pretty amusing is that it has less features than Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G against which the ‘KillerNote’ was positioned by the marketing people. There are also no customised cleaning tools or security app like Xiaomi devices.

I must also mentioned that Lenovo 3K Note needs a earphone for playing FM radio.

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