User Review of Google Nexus 6 (32GB)


By Utkarsh G

Google has created an android beast! Get the full specs, price and features Here

The Nexus 6 is a powerhouse. With its beastly specs, it has set a totally new benchmark for smartphones of the future. Sleek metallic-and-plastic build makes it feel as premium as an Apple device, while delivering far superior performance to the former.

Its QHD screen is a delight to watch, although a 1080p screen could have been far better with respect to battery life.

With moderate-to-heavy usage, the Nexus 6 gets me through the day easily (17-21 hours with high graphics games in short intervals, surfing twitter, WhatsApp, calling, etc). However, if one is late for home and one enables the battery saver mode, even the last 10-15% charge in this mode can get you through 6-8 hours extra.
The Turbocharger is a big big asset here. In 1 hour, it charges from 2%-100%.

A must have for power-users and those wanting a premium phone.

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